True Vine Baptist Church


The purpose of the Women of Excellence is to enhance the church as it seeks a closer relationship with the Lord and to apply the Word of God in the daily walk of its members. The Women of Excellence members will be spiritual guides and mentors to not only the young ladies but also young men by helping them recognize, learn and know who they are in the Lord through the heightening of their self-esteem, sense of purpose and direction in life. The Women of Excellence members also strive to be true examples of Jesus Christ in all they say and do. (Ephesians 3:20)

Other duties include:

  1. Helping the senior pastor in bringing his vision into manifestation by its obedience in all it is asked and assigned to do
  2. Having continued fellowship to build character, integrity and faith to bring enhancement to its members and the church body
  3. Working with the youth of the church to help develop their minds as they pursue Christ
  4. Having workshops on certain subjects for the women of the church so that they may be better equipped to handle personal and spiritual situations.

Shearline Y. Melvin, President              Gloria Causer, Vice President            Yolanda Roberts, Secretary